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Why Choose Us?

Main Line Firewood works with local tree company Horgan Tree Experts to deliver firewood that is from the main line for the main line. Firewood sold at gas stations and grocery stores is usually low quality and costly. Main Line Firewood offers top-notch PA hardwoods for up to 45% less than what you get at the grocery store. We guarantee lower prices than the grocery stores or gas stations, or your money back.

I can attest to the honest and hard working guys at Horgan tree service. Good luck with the firewood business!

Cindy Jani


About Us

Sean Horgan,


Terry Horgan founded Horgan Tree Experts in 1979 as a full-scale tree service company. Today, the company serves thousands of customers on the main line. When I was younger my brothers and I routinely worked for the company during our summer breaks from school, and what I quickly realized was that everything can be recycled in this business. When a tree is removed from a home, the smaller branches are sent through a wood chipper and the larger branches and trunks are either sent to a mill or split into firewood. Our goal is to connect local customers with high quality, inexpensive firewood that came from their own backyard - the Main Line.

As a business student and the son of an entrepreneur, I love analyzing businesses and looking for ways to create value for both our business and our customers. Main Line Firewood's mission is to help main line residents obtain fairly priced firewood as easily and quickly as possible. We hope to accomplish this by 1) offering our products online, accepting all forms of payment; and 2) pricing our firewood at levels up to 45% less than competitors.


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